Rainy days ahead - off to Cribbs!

So the last few weeks have been amazing, with temperatures around 25°C and sunny days BUT we are now entering a week of rain, rain and rain. I know the weather will change and the forecast is not always correct, but still, it's not looking great. I had yesterday and today off work and yesterday I just spent the day inside as the weather was shifting, sun, rain, sun and pouring rain, so me and Greg decided to embrace the weather today instead - to go out and do something. 

Today's little trip ended up in Cribbs Causeway, we took the bus - which is just too long!! - and when arriving we had a short and sweet browse inside The Mall, which I've never been to before. In HMV we walked ourselves into a vinyl of Bob's Burgers tunes, non of us knew it existed and we got overly excited about the find, so of course we HAD to buy it - even though we don't have a record-player...yet! After our little shop at The Mall and TKMaxx we headed over to Hollywood Bowl to have a little go at some bowling, and I just have to say I did surprisingly well - I managed to get a few strikes in (usually I'm absolutely awful!). 

Yellow rain jacket!

"Oh, I didn't know you were taking a photo"

The BOB'S BURGERS Music Album!
Neven been so excited for a vinyl!

Let's GO!

Most likely just before a strike..

That was definitely a STRIKE!

And that was a total MISS..just kidding, I can't remember.

Poetic pose on the way home!

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