Busy week at work, excited for the weekend!

My 7 days work marathon is over, and goodness it ended up being some long days! With massive deliveries at work and preparing for a huge summer sale the days have been pretty busy and hectic. But despite the busyness and hecticness I've tried my best to not be boring, last Saturday me and Greg meat up with some friends for a few drinks - which was nice with a change of scenery and some different faces to look at. I was even able to squeeze in a few gym sessions and drag Greg along for a day trail at The Gym, despite his moaning it was really fun, I'm crossing my fingers he decides to join so we can start going together - would be nice with a gym bud. Tuesday after work we decided to have a few drinks by the harbourside and I brought Yatsy and cards to keep us entertained, unfortunately the evening ended up with a really bad pizza - which was more a lump of dough and a little squirt of tomato sause in the middle topped with a tiny single piece of ham - never again, i'm not fuzzy with my pizzas, but that one was a big NO. Greg also surprised me with some beautiful flowers when I came home from work the other day, nothing better than freshing up the flat with some lovely rustic flowers.

This weekend me and Greg are going away, we are going heading up/over to London to spend some quality time with some friends and we both are superexcited. We also decided to be a little wild (..) and spontaneous and got some train tickets from London down to Bournemouth on Sunday evening and a hotel close to the seaside for the night, with absolutely no plans - we are just going down to see where it takes us. One of our little adventures before heading back to Bristol for a few more days of work and then take off for our holiday to Norway. 

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