Sunny day in Bath, UK

I'm so happy that the weather is getting warmer, this spring has been so cold and miserable and I think everyone is longing for a long and hot summer, so it better be on its way! Yesterday was a beautiful day with 23°C, some clouds but mainly blue skies, therefore I decided that I was definitely not going to spend the day inside. After doing our fortnightly food shop me and Greg spontaneously decided to take the train to Bath, which from Bristol only takes about 10-13 minutes. We walked around in the town centre, popped into Urban Outfitters and had a sneak-peak in Jack Wills before wandering over to the Royal Victoria Park - which is absolutely beautiful. After enjoying the scenery in the park we decided to go to Victoria Falls Adventure Golf to putt some balls, unfortunately I lost with about 5 points (!!)

After some golf we hunted down Argos to FINALLY get me a new phone, I've had my Samsung Galaxy S4 for 3 years now, which is actually not that long, but it was starting to get really slow and during Christmas I managed to drop my phone with the screen side down onto a little rock that cracked the corner of it - SO annoying. Both me and Greg thought it was about time to get a little upgrade so we walked into Argos and bought a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I just have to make it clear, I wanted a S8 but the battery is worse than the S7 edge, I would like the S8+ but it's way too expensive, and I don't really like the edge feature on any of them but getting just the S7 is not gonna work as the battery in it is shit compared to the other ones, so after lots of thinking I finally ended up with the S7 edge which I am happy about. Annoyingly I didn't realise that the S7 edge has a micro SIM card in it, and since my S4 has a mini SIM it means that I now have to wait for Three to send me a new micro SIM card, so I basically can't really use my new phone until that arrives in the post. Oh well, that's just how it is when I don't think, and your phone is getting so old and outdated. Hopefully it won't take that long so I can finally put my old phone to rest and enjoy the new one!

A little bit too excited about the ducks chilling next to the course!

Aiming for a hole-in-one..

Still aiming..totally missed though!

Me, my strawberries and the Crescent

Me, my strawberries and the Circus

Royal Victoria Park - Victoria's monument

Victorian band stand - Royal Victoria Park

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