Day off in the summer sun!

Today, when I'm writing this, it's absolutely pissing it down with rain, I've had they day off and I've just been at home tidying and chilling. BUT last Thursday was absolutely stunning with at least 27°C and sunny skies, it was almost too hot for my liking. After a pumping morning in the gym with my personal trainer I headed home, dug out my most summery clothes and headed down to Greg's work to chill in the sun. Just hung around, relaxing, drinking cider, and having pies and wine, which was absolutely lovely, and Greg managed to get supersunburned, haha!

I love having days off when the weather is amazing, but when Greg has to work it's a bit boring as there is not much to do - well there is, but i'd rather have Greg with me than wandering around on my own. Greg is bothering me to get a bicycle so we can go places when we have days off together as none of us have a car, I don't wanna drive in the UK and Greg doesn't have a drivers license, so if we wanna go somewhere a bicycle would be the best idea, but I don't like cycling or spending money on one, haha. Ohh well, I gotta admit I feel a little bit more stuck here in Bristol than I did in London, even though Bristol got busses, it's still not the same. In London it was supereasy to get literally everywhere and anywhere, without a problem, but in Bristol and surroundings it takes longer and it's a bit more complicated to go certain places, juuuust gotta get used to it.

Not going anywhere today though as it's raining, just gonna make some burgers for dinner and watch some TV And brows the world wide web for random stuff, as always. Seeyah!

Sunny days

Loving my scandi cider and my new MICHELCOMBE FLORAL SHORTS from @JackWills! (And Greg wanting my cider!)

Hello there!

St Mary Redcliffe Church somewhere over there

I am in LOVE with building. Chapel of the Three Kings of Cologne. Every time I walk past I have to stop and look, the building is made into small studio flats and one of them was for sale a few months ago, oh I wish I was able to get the flat, even though it's a supersmall studio flat the outside of this building is just magical!

Bristol Harbourside

Old Dockside Crane - Heard these are going to be made into some sort of  Crane Treehouses which is supercool! Imagine waking up with that view!

Bristol Harbourside - Absolutely love this city, and can't wait to spend my first summer here.

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