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After just over 4 years of living in London it is time to say goodbye, I absolutely love London, it is such a beautiful and exciting city and it is said that 'If you are tired of London, you are tired of life', and I am certainly not tired of either. The next chapter of my life is starting in a little smaller city than London, located in South West England, Bristol. Wikipedia state that Bristol "is England's sixth and the United Kingdom's eighth most populous city, and the most populous city in Southern England after London.", so it is not a teeny tiny city, but far from London.

Bristol is about 2 hours away from London by train, and about 3 hours from Gatwick Airport, which I am not going to complain about even though it makes the journey back to Norway 3 hours longer. I cannot say much about Bristol myself as the only time I have been there I was ill and only managed to see IKEA (3 times!!), Cabot Circus Shopping Centre and the train station, but everyone I have spoken to only have had good things to say about the place which sounds promising.

The reason for moving to Bristol is because Greg, my boyfriend, is born and raised there, and the reason for moving is because we want to save money (which you cannot really do in London) so we can go travelling in a few years. We are extremely lucky when it comes to the housing situation as Greg's parents own flats around in Bristol and they have given us a 'yes' to stay in this amazing little top flat with a beautiful view and only 15 minutes walk to the shopping centre!

We are moving Sunday 27th November and I have never been more excited, after living in shared accommodation for the last 4 years it will be nice to finally have a place that is all mine (and Greg's) and that I can finally call home. 

View from the flat

View from the flat

Random street

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  1. I hope moving day goes smoothly! I've heard Bristol is lovely, so I'm sure you'll love it!